Changes Log

Date Version Type Details
19/02/2019   Improvements - New search filter: Roman characters
12/02/2019   Improvements - New brand: Horki
05/02/2019   Improvements - Facebook API Graph updated from v2.12 to v3.0
07/12/2018   Bug correction - replicate_db() upload fixed
06/12/2018   Bug correction - Hashtags lookup issue fixed
28/11/2018 2.1.2 Improvements - New hosting server
26/11/2018 2.1.1 Improvements - Handling lack of SCRIPT_URL variable
- Don't create cache in database and filesystem for box type when image file don't exist
20/10/2018   Improvements - Function fetch_pictures_to_validate() improved to don't proceed with directories.
21/09/2018   Improvements - Data global reloading from plates to validation table in Validation Center
16/09/2018   Improvements - New brands: Simca , Apal
14/09/2018   Bug correction - Rejection icon in the Validation Center fixed
12/09/2018   Bug correction - POP3 email fetcher multiple emails fetching loop fix
10/09/2018   New features - Partial validation results reload in Validation Center
09/09/2018   Improvements - New brand: Delage
06/09/2018   Improvements - Facebook protocol set to HTTPS.
07/08/2018   Bug correction - Fixed the message "plate fit on A/AN brand" when publishing on Facebook.
03/08/2018   New features - Similar picture detection and user warning at submission using the submit form.
02/08/2018 2.1.0 New features - Integration of pHash (Perceptual Hash) to automate pictures comparison and avoid duplicates
- Font-Awesone upgraded to version 5.2.
01/08/2018   Improvements - Cleanup of duplicates pictures
24/06/2018   Improvements - New brand: Bitter
14/06/2018   Bug correction - Fixed "**" search to remove duplicate.
- Fixed plate type displaying error when unknown.
13/06/2018   Improvements - Brands sorted by popularity in Plate Creation admin panel.
10/06/2018   Improvements - Brands sorted by popularity in Validation Center.
- BI analysis dashboard
09/06/2018   Improvements - MySQL database replication including automatic FTP sending (excluding backup tables) and import process.
07/06/2018   Improvements - Updated logo: Volkswagen
31/05/2018   Improvements - Hashtags cleanup.
24/05/2018 2.0.1 Improvements - Private MySQL server.
12/05/2018   Improvements - Integrated actions buttons (publish, crop & delete) in global legends admin interface.
- Legend admin interface called at page level to avoid code duplicate.
09/05/2018   Improvements - Sentence "PLATE on a Brand" become "PLATE on an Brand" if brand start by a vowel everywhere on the site.
08/05/2018   New features - New *secrets* shortcuts for admin.
    Bug correction - Fixed generated & ideas listing.
07/05/2018   Improvements - Optimized plate creation admin interface with brand & model.
05/05/2018   Improvements - Brand of plates displayed for blocked plates.
- New brand: Walz
    New features - Picture edition on plate page for user with special access privileges.
- New plate creation admin interface
04/05/2018   Improvements - Upgraded FontAwesome from v4.5 to v5.0.12.
- Replaced fa- references to fas-
- Corrected icons references to align with new version naming
- New brand: Karmann
30/04/2018   Improvements - Removed non-essential database calls to improve search performances.
29/04/2018   Improvements - 6G firewall implemented in htaccess to improve performances and security.
28/04/2018   Bug correction - Fixed small transparency alpha channel issue.
- Rebuilding cache
27/04/2018 2.0.0 Improvements

- Upgraded from PHP v5.4 to v7.0
- Upgraded to Apache v2.2 to v2.4
- Using PHP FPM in place of CGI API
- Refreshed logo

25/04/2018   Improvements - New field for ad-management for specific users: ad_blocked.
24/04/2018   Improvements - New brands: Manhart , Lumma
23/04/2018   Improvements - Do not display CV logo anymore for generating "fake" and "prototype" plates type.
22/04/2018   Improvements - New database field for plates and pictures: user_edited and date_edited
21/04/2018   Improvements - New accessprivilege feature allowing to give partial rights of edition
- Improved accesslevel management
19/04/2018   Improvements - Secure deletion with hash implemented
- Ability to delete pictures after submission using the submit form
17/04/2018   Improvements - New search for "yesterday" added plates and pictures
15/04/2018   Improvements - Support for plate "0" (null and not empty)
11/04/2018   Improvements - Search for plates and pictures in hexadecimal numeral formats sorted by their decimal value.
10/04/2018   Improvements - Added name anonymization notice on submit page.
- Added link to the online DIV reservation tool on the reservation page.
09/04/2018   Improvements - Publish brand of plate when publishing on facebook if known.
07/04/2018   Improvements - New brands: Gumpert , Apollo
06/04/2018   Improvements - Ability to crop pictures after submission using the submit form using new stylized buttons
04/04/2018   Improvements - New brands: Geely , Tata
- Sitemap for brands optimized
03/04/2018   Improvements - Type edition in list_legend listing admin mode.
02/04/2018   Improvements - New sitemap for brands.
31/03/2018   Improvements - New brands: Speranza , Great Wall , Lifan , Hafei , Jac
- New simplified function to display brand name, logo and link in changes logs.
- Link to wikipedia on brands list page.
- Brands list optimized and include logos.
- Plates format optimized and include thumbnails.
27/03/2018 1.8.1 Improvements - New brand: Arrinera
- Completely rebuild brands list management
- Accurate way to calculate brands percentage
- Displaying all managed brands including the one for which we don't any any plates
- History of pricing of customized plates added
- Random customized plates now displayed in 3D
19/03/2018   Improvements - Support of Plates default format per type.
- "Format" keyword renamed in favor of "samples"
- create_combination function improved to look at default format value per type and to allow manual definition of format & type.
14/03/2018   Improvements - Facebook API Graph updated from v2.12 to v2.5
03/03/2018   Improvements - Update brand logo: Chrysler
25/02/2018   Bug correction - Bug which made unable to increment mood on plate page is corrected.
23/02/2018   Bug correction - Update plate combination when picture state of change (ex. LUCY > LU-CY).
21/02/2018   Improvements - Update brand logo: Iveco
16/02/2018   Improvements - Submission confirmation e-mail spelling correction.
30/01/2018   Improvements - New brands: Farbio
20/01/2018 1.8 Improvements - Admin interface display number of pictures and state of plate at validation stage even at first load accepting combination converted to uid.
- Displaying default rendered plate as 3D.
- Delete cache where display="box" and render = "2d".
- National and Professional plates preview use current year digit.
19/01/2018   Improvements - Admin interface display number of pictures and state of plate at validation stage even at first load.
29/11/2017   Improvements - Admin interface display number of pictures and state of plate at validation stage when manual check (ajax call).
25/11/2017   Improvements - New domain name:
22/11/2017   Improvements - New brands: Alpine
02/11/2017   Improvements - New brands: Sym
28/10/2017   Improvements - Publish brand if known on Facebook.
18/10/2017   Bug correction - Fixed geolocation lookup based on unknown IP adress.
02/10/2017   Improvements - Facebook metatags including plate's generated preview updated for unknown plate page.
29/09/2017   Bug correction - Fixed redirecion error with ob_end_flush() function on certains pages.
28/09/2017   Improvements - Upgrade to PHP 5.5.
- HEIC images format supported using live cloud convertion.
- HEIC image format accepted while submitted by e-mail sending. Unable to accept by form submission because of browsers actual limitation not recognizing HEIC file format.
- Proper notification added when file conversion & orientation correction.
- Frame around plate generator fix following upgrade tryout to PHP 5.6
27/09/2017 1.7.1 Improvements - Preparation for HEIC file format acceptance.
- Hide EXIF data read-out errors when no data exist.
20/09/2017   Improvements - Picture size & resolution are now updated correctly in database when image is cropped after being added.
    Bug correction - Limit Ideas generator in tiny format to 7 characters.
19/09/2017   New features - New secret search feature started development. More information later.
21/08/2017   Improvements - Page 20140630 is now renamed release.
- Tiny plates format included on release page.
- New brands: Ducati , Spyker , Detomaso

- Random pictures (multiple locations) will not display when we dont have any picture of the combination.
- Brands statistics listing correction where some brands wern't listed.
16/08/2017   Improvements Added format information on plate page.
15/08/2017 1.7 New features - New Tiny plates format included everywhere: generator, ideas, search, ...

- Removed format-specific url on frame in generator
- Rebuilded impacted cached pictures

12/08/2017 1.6.4 Improvements - New Plates missing pictures and Pictures quantity views.
25/05/2017   Improvements - Links to WebDIV adaptations: availability, reservations links an reservation forms.
15/04/2017   Improvements - Submit plate through the submit form now request reCaptcha v2 validation.
27/02/2017   Bug correction - Fix HTML content of email submitted.
26/02/2017   Improvements - Do not send notification anymore to miswritten or not existing e-mail addresses.
- New brands:
Arash , Ascari , Bowler , Briggs , Bristol , Brooke , Chery , Datsun , Holden , Koenigsegg , Lister , Mahindra , Mastretta , Noble , Pagani , Perodua
16/02/2017   Improvements - Permanent HTTPS redirection in by htaccess.
12/02/2017   Bug correction - HTTPS mixed-content block solved.
26/01/2017   Improvements - HTTPS integration for login.
15/11/2016   Improvements - Integration of Amazon Partner program.
10/10/2016   Improvements - New way to display brand on unknown vehicles.
26/09/2016   Improvements - New vector icons for Nanobe DNA logo: C B W WCBC CW CB.
    Bug correction - Correcting bug that generate a picture quality downgrade for original images. Quality reduction should affect cache only.
19/09/2016 1.6.3 Improvements - Submit and contact forms are now pre-filled with logged-in user data.
- Loading page bar indicator.
15/09/2016   Improvements - Picture generation quality reduced from 70% to 60% to improve transfer speed and save disk space.
- PHP-FPM activated for faster performances.
22/08/2016   Bug corrections - Check if picture url is specified when publishing to Facebook to avoid multiple posts with blurred automatically replaced picture.
17/08/2016   Improvements - New brand: Autostar
14/08/2016   Improvements - New brands: Garia , ISO Rivolta , La Strada , Anssems .
11/08/2016   Improvements - B-plates now includes [9-]1111-B pattern.
09/08/2016   Bug corrections - Statistics calculation correction on possibilities.
    Improvements - Option to sort possibilities by owned percentage or alphabetically.
03/08/2016 1.6.2 Improvements - New core security management.
- Supporting user access level.
28/07/2016   Improvements - Displaying the blocked reason to user.
27/07/2016 1.6.1 Improvements - Displaying the previous version of plate on the plate profile page if known.
    Bug corrections - Displaying correctly old timer plate on recently added section on plate and picture page.
- New cleaner way to manage partial cache deletion when cropping a picture.
- New password request send now the real new password and no more the encrypted version stored in the database.
25/07/2016   Improvements - New cleaner way to manage partial cache deletion and rebuilding.
20/07/2016   Improvements - Autocomplete form by url on sign-up page.
19/07/2016   Improvements - Title of picture pages not display the plate.
- Brand logo and model moved to the right column of picture page.
- New button linked to detailled profile of the plate.
- New button linked to others pictures of the same plate (anchor link on the same page), if exists.
- New button linked to others plates of same brand.
- New button linked to others pictures of same brand.
- New button linked to others plates of same type.
- New button linked to others pictures of same type.
- New button linked to others plates of same format.
- New button linked to others pictures of same format.
- New button linked to others plates of same lenght.
- New button linked to others pictures of same lenght.
- New mailbox check button in admin portal.
    Bug corrections - Display the picture when logged on on generator page same type plate sample.
12/07/2016 1.6.0 Improvements - Sign-up and login implemented.
In the objective to always improve your experience, we now ask you to sign-up to being able to customize our content especially for you.
05/07/2016   Bug corrections - Database syncing script between plates and pictures improved to better manage hidden pictures.
03/07/2016   Improvements - New logos: Alfa Romeo , Lancia
26/06/2016   Improvements - New brand: Lada
20/06/2016   Improvements - New brands: Daimler , Dethleffs
15/06/2016   Bug corrections - Example icon for Belgian Army in Germany is corrected from B-001-1 to B-001-A.
11/06/2016   Bug corrections - Submit form now accept only numbers in model name.
02/06/2016   Improvements - Better interpret combination sent in email subject submission method by keeping the dash (-).
01/06/2016   Improvements - Facebook post id, date and count now recorded.
31/05/2016 1.5.3 Improvements - Working on user sessions.
- Cache index improvement generating a unique hash column avoiding 64 columns index limits of MySQL InnoDB.
- Full cache rebuild.
29/05/2016   Improvements - New logo: PGO
26/05/2016   Bug corrections - Removed impossible combinations on possibilities.
    Improvements - Only accept model field with less than 4 uppercase characters on submit page.
25/05/2016   Improvements - Working on user sessions.
24/05/2016   Improvements - Submit form now request first name and last in two seperate fields in order to avoid user error and last name displayed on the web site.
- reCaptcha v2 integration.
23/05/2016   Bug corrections - Groups feature removed.
- Bug corrections and code improvement.
22/05/2016   Improvements - New logo: Kia
20/05/2016   Improvements - New brand: Brabus
18/05/2016 1.5.2 Improvements - Web site and database moved to a more powerfull server.
- Cache fully rebuild.
- CDN activated for faster performance.
- Filesystem backup function improved to avoid empty and currently transfered files.
- MySQL Function to convert roman numerals to arabic improved.
- New brand: Daihatsu
- Better management of possibilities and added combinations.
17/05/2016   Improvements - New brand: Ford Mustang
15/05/2016   Improvements - New way to detect image file type based on MIME in place of extension.
14/05/2016 1.5.1 Improvements - Totally new and clean way to publish pictures to Facebook using the official Graph API.
06/05/2016   Improvements - Adding format R11111, R111111, R111111 and R1111111 to army plates types.
04/05/2016   Improvements - Adding format 11-111 to enamel plates types.
01/05/2016   Bug corrections - Correct brand logo displayed on pictures page.
    Improvements - Better display of the validation interface.
- Deleting of picture now use ajax on fast admin page.
29/04/2016   Improvements - Automatically capitalize model in case of model entered in submit form > 3 characters and all in uppercase.
04/04/2016   Bug corrections - Menu to Ideas in Engines section point now correctly.
22/03/2016   Improvements - New Google Matching Ads.
13/03/2016   Improvements - B-XXXX Search pattern now include 9-B-XXXX and renamed B-Plates.
02/03/2016   Improvements - Redesign of the submit form.
01/03/2016   Improvements - New brand: TVR
25/02/2016   Maintenance - Cache rebuild
22/02/2016   Bug corrections - Instant-search and OpenSearch don't return anymore combinations when no pictures exist.
19/02/2016   Improvements - New brand: Fendt
18/02/2016   New features - OpenSearch implementation for plates including suggestions.
16/02/2016   Improvements - Plate page title now display the exact combination and not only the extrapolated one (respecting dashs).
13/02/2016   Improvements - New brands: Bricklin , BYD
01/02/2016   Improvements - New categories in Ideas generator: Vowels removed and Consonnants removed.
30/01/2016   Improvements - Sitemaps are now generated to temporary files then copied to ensure to be always reachable, even under reconstruction.
29/01/2016 1.5.0 New features - Ideas generator.
- Possibilities.
    Improvements - Changes log is moved from menu Information to menu Contact.
28/01/2016   Improvements - Sitemap include partners list and refers to them in plates and pictures sitemaps.
27/01/2016   Improvements - New brand: Jensen
- Instant-search menu is aligned to the right of the search input field.
- Sitemap for plates now include generated plate sample and informations about plate, first submission and number of pictures owned.
- Sitemap for pictures now include full size picture.
26/01/2016   Improvements - Sitemap for generated combinations, and ideas added to the sitemap engine.
23/01/2016   New features - Full sitemap coverage including: news (7 468 URL), plates (11 686 URL) and pictures (11 686 URL & 23 603 pictures).
18/01/2016   New features Instant-search menu providing fast results about the entire collection. Click on the combination or type the enter key to land directly on the plate profile page.
    Improvements - New brands: Wiesmann , Austin Healey
- Instant-search menu is aligned to the right of the search input field.
13/01/2016   Improvements - Brands statistics page completely redesigned with new graphs.
11/01/2016   Improvements - New plates type: Fake
- New brand: BSA
09/01/2016   Improvements - Links to plates generator now provide a generated thumbnail picture of the combination in place of 'YOUR-OWN" for Facebook shares.
- Updated from jQuery 1.1.1 to 2.1.1.
- Updated from Bootstrap 3.3.5 to 3.3.6.
06/01/2016   New features New types of plates :
- Scooters
- Micro cars with bodywork
    Bug corrections - Trucks & Trailers now really include trailers plates types (U-AAA-111)
05/01/2016 1.4.3 New features - Search pattern by "Sounds like" for plates and pictures
- NATO international phonetic now displayed on plate profile page.
- Checkbox restored to Bootstrap's latest version standards.
- New icon when type not supported in search results.
04/01/2016   Improvements - Better support of /gen and specials URL to come :p.
01/01/2016   Improvements - Beter display of forms buttons on mobile platform for types and generator pages.
31/12/2015 1.4.2 Improvements - Cache cleanup.
- Picture generation quality reduced from 75% to 70% to improve transfer speed and save disk space.
- Cursor set to default on label without link.
30/12/2015   New features - New fast preview mode for administration.
- Search by Mr/Mrs combination for plates and pictures.
- Search by exact combination for plates and pictures.
    Improvements - New button to delete picture easily in administration mode on both plate and fast preview mode.
- Letter-spacing inside labels reduced to normal.
- Icons in labels and buttons are now better vertically aligned according text.
    Bug corrections - Ads not displayed anymore in administration mode.
- Prevent to build cached file if bad hash provided.
29/12/2015   New features New search pattern:
- Models for plates and pictures
    Improvements - Too many visitors alert message is now better looking.
21/12/2015   New features New searchs patterns:
- Numbered sequences for plates and pictures
- Star Wars for plates and pictures
- Brands for plates and pictures
20/12/2015   Improvements - New brand: Roush Performance
10/12/2015   Improvements - Like-official filter improved for plates and pictures.
07/12/2015   Improvements - New Alphabetical filter for plates and pictures that contains only alphabetic characters (no numbers).
- New Like-official filter for plates and pictures that are similar to official plates.
- Font-Awesone upgraded to version 4.5.
- New Google popup and vignettes mobile smart ads.
    Bug corrections - Different filters by pictures now working again.
- Wall now working again.
04/12/2015   Improvements - When generating a plate, the mechanism check if a plate is blocked and inform accordingly. A new button to submit the first picture is displayed for non-already existing combinations.
03/12/2015   Improvements - Blocked combinations are now counted in total combinations.
    Bug corrections - Don't display "0 picture" anymore on blocked page.
30/11/2015   Improvements - Symbol 🌟 is now published on Facebook for a totally new combination.
28/11/2015   Bug corrections - Solve the replacement of non-alphanumeric characters during names anonymization.
27/11/2015   Improvements - Differents updates based on customized plates price rose from 1000 EUR to 2000 EUR
26/11/2015   Improvements - author metatag defined
- keywords and description metatags improved
18/11/2015   Improvements - Background images are nowcached for faster loading.
- Dynamically resizing should be further improved for better rendering on all devices screen resolution.
17/11/2015   Improvements - Faster redirection when accessing without plate specified.
10/11/2015 1.4.1 New features - New About page.
- Button at the end of this changelog page now link to the About page.
- New link to the About page in the footer.
    Bug corrections - Picture displayed when generating an existing combination now reflect properties of plate really in database and not the generated one.
- Cache database unique index is now based on combination and not more on uid which result in a better cache management and avoid re-creating image not-correctly inserted in cache bacause of duplicate wrongly detected.
08/11/2015   Improvements - New brand: Marussia
- Logos of brands shown on this changes page.
05/11/2015   Improvements - New brand: Pilgrim
02/11/2015   Improvements - New brand: Nash-Healey
31/10/2015   New features - Search pattern B-XXXX available for plates and pictures.
29/10/2015   Bug corrections - European Union flag now correctly displayed.
24/10/2015   Bug corrections - Full cache cleanup.
21/10/2015   Improvements - New brand: Chatenet
19/10/2015 1.4.0 Improvements - Belgian Forces in Germany seal now look closer to reality when no strips are present (small or square formats only exist till now).
    Bug corrections - Displaying correct plate format on different places of the web site.
13/10/2015   Improvements - New brands: Bizzarrini , Cisitalia , De La Chapelle , Lagonda
01/10/2015   Improvements - New brand: Plymouth
08/09/2015   Improvements - Unique index of generated plates edited to restrict less the generation of already generated plates.
- New brand: Facel Vega
06/09/2015   Improvements - New brand: Piaggio
04/09/2015 1.3.9 New features - Managing different plate format for each picture.
- New section with generated picture in the box layout and download links at the bottom of the picture page.
    Bug corrections - Value in decimal now correctly displayed in list results on both pages and pictures.
02/09/2015   New features - You can now filter last results by pictures or plates type.
- New search menu for partners
31/08/2015   Bug corrections - Displaying blocked plates (but not pictures of blocked plates) in search results.
29/08/2015 1.3.8 Bug corrections - Variables defined in email body in HTML format are now fully interepreted..
    New features - Search for invalid roman numerals plates and pictures (using roman numeral characters - IVXLCDM - but not respecting order).
28/08/2015   Improvements - New brands: MV Agusta , Kenworth
- Pictures are now linked to picture page and no more to plate page.
27/08/2015   New features - Search for palindromes plates and pictures.
- Search for ambigrams plates and pictures.
    Improvements - Partners pages visits are now counted on welcome page.
26/08/2015   Improvements - Partner page search results improved and counting visit statistics.
- New brands: GMC , Aixam , Toroidion
25/08/2015   New features - Search for plates and pictures in roman numeral formats sorted by their decimal value.
- Search for plates and pictures using letters looking like numbers (letter "I" looking like number "1", letter "O" looking like number "0" (zéro).
24/08/2015   Improvements - Partner page improved including web site and facebook page links if they are specified.
- New script to scroll down smoothly especially for anchor links.
- Some links of welcome page now target to an anchor to the same page.
- Displaying submitter name last and all search results.
- Displaying number of visits on picture page.
- New icon displayed side links with an anchor target on the same page.
- New icons on a lot of information pages and in the menu.
- Totally new way to count and rank submitters based on points. Database query is also optimized.
23/08/2015   Improvements - Upgraded to Bootstrap 3.3.5
- Removed differents non-relevant plates types from generator options.
21/08/2015 1.3.7 Improvements - Using new checkbox type for the whole site.
- New field to manage previous plate
- New icon for hashtags clouds:
21/08/2015 1.3.6 Improvements - Top menu redesign for both desktop and mobile platform
- Site version with link to this page in footer.
- Retina optimization for generated plates
- New icons for plates types:
- New icons for changes log:
20/08/2015 1.3.5 Bug corrections - New displaying correctly the date of submission of blocked pictures.
- The last useless <HR /> on pictures loop on the picture page is removed.
- Submit button on partner page linked to partner ID.
19/08/2015 1.3.4 New features - Rounded corner box template
- Partnes management code improved
    Bug correction - Corrected a bug generating an error while trying to generate a not dynamically resized image while on a retina display.
18/08/2015 1.3.3 New features - New Twitter button on welcome page.
- New labels and icons for legend on picture page.
- Donation now accept PayPal.
- Download button on plate page now provide a full resolution picture and is now called "Download HD".
- Caching system now include the version of the site and the file size of the generated picture store automatically in the database.
- 33 new wallpapers added
- New repeated chars search function for plates and pictures..
17/08/2015 1.3.2 Bug correction - Correct ad size for small screen and mobile device on search results.
14/08/2015 1.3.1 New features - Displaying list of last or random pictures on picture, plate and unknown pages.
- New brand: Boom Trikes , Bombardier
- A dash (-) is automatically added for UID 4-3 or 3-4 chars for being interpreted for all letter and digit (AAAA-111 > A-AAA-111, 1234-AAA > 1-234-AAA) and in inverted mode (111-AAAA > 111-AAA-A, AAA-4321 > AAA-432-1).
- New count and links to brands and submitters on welcome page.
- New Partnership page
11/08/2015 1.3.0 New features - New Submitters page giving back honnor to people that send us pictures and especially new combinations.
- New Facebook comment box just side each picture on each plate page linked to the same data as the detailed picture page.
- New Facebook like box on the welcome page.
07/08/2015 1.2.3 New feature - Now displaying the number of visits in legend on plates, pictures and welcome pages.
06/08/2015   New features - Location: Discover now from where came pictures, plates and generated plates.
- New short domain Access a plate profile directly using or the welcome page using only
- New publishing blurred pictured on facebook that redirect to short domain for the high quality picture.
    Improvements - New top button 'Last pictures' on welcome page.
- Smaller top buttons.
- Icon for submit remplace from to .
05/08/2015   Improvement - New logo for brand: Honda
04/08/2015   Improvements - New logo for brands: Suzuki , Dodge , Maybach , Hummer
- Brands logos updated with a white stroke line for better contrast: DAF , DeLorean
- New plates type: Old timers added to Types page and in search engine.
03/08/2015   Improvements - The brand logo is now included in the generated pictures and on the plates pictures.
- All cache of this type of picture will be rebuilt.
- Brand Citroën is now spelled Citroën and accents are managed for all brands.
- New brands created: DS , Dongfang , Benimar
- New logo for brands: Ford , Ferrari
31/07/2015   Improvement - The direct link of the plate page is displayed as the top.
29/07/2015   Bug correction - The correct name of the submitter of the picture is displayed in place of the first submitter of the combination on the homepage in the 'latest pictures spotted' section.
27/07/2015   Improvement - Prevent from spliting like and share links on differents lines.
25/07/2015   Improvement - New cookie notice required by the Privacy Law appearing one time for 12 months.
    Bug correction - Ads now compatible with different screen resolution preventing from breaking layout.
23/07/2015   Improvements - New display of plates types list with preview icons and better disposition of the plate generator criteria fields.
- Totally redesigned brands logos.
- Brands logo now on brands, pictures and plates pages.
- New brand created: Alpina
- Brand and model are now displayed neast each picture on plates pages.
- New cache engine for pictures out of the plates generator (like cars brands logos, ...).
17/07/2015   Improvements - Usage of labels and icons in legends on /pictures and /plates pages to improve readibility for all fields types.
- Icon for generator replaced by .
- In adition to format, you can now search by type of generated plates
- The search menu on /pictures and /plates is redesigned to me more clear and sharp.
16/07/2015   Improvements - The page types now displays the total plates and pictures for each plates type with a direct link.
- New link on the generator page called "Discover more about this type of plates and all combinations possibilities" pointing to the types page precisely to the right section and format as the generated plate.
- Like & Share links completely redesigned and now fully working
13/07/2015   Improvement - UID like 9999AAA is now interpreted as 9-999-AAA in place of 9999-AAA. A dash (-) is automatically added.
12/07/2015   Improvement Usage of labels and icons on Welcome, /pictures, /plates and /generator pages to improve readibility for user and date fields.
11/07/2015   New feature New page Range displaying plates range by assignation
10/07/2015   New feature You can now force a plate type in our plate generator. For example, you can generate a Professional (green), a temporary (red), european (blue), army (black) plate etc.. with a customized combination.
09/07/2015   Improvements - The correct tab displaying the chosen filter option is now selected when calling a /pictures or /plates page via direct link.
- Icons are added to search tabs of /pictures and /plates pages.
27/06/2015   Improvements - Last names of submitters are now anonymized.
- Direct links of results are now displayed in the top of the page.
26/06/2015   New feature New Brands Statistics page.
20/06/2015   New feature New plates type: Taxis & Limousines added to Types page and in search engine.
08/06/2015   New feature On the Availability page, /fr and /nl links directly to the DIV page.
05/06/2015   New feature - New page titles and new links on events page allowing to click on the name of the event to access the details and going back from the details to the events list.
17/05/2015   Bug correction - Rendered downloadable HD picture in generator has now a white background in place of black.
15/05/2015   New features - Plates generator now support adding 5 different types of screws
- Pictures published on Facebook displays silver screws.
03/05/2015   Bug correction - Date of submission displayed in rejection notification message is now the real submission date and no mode the current date and hour.
02/05/2015   New feature - Now supporting retina displays.
01/05/2015 1.1.0 New features - 3D plate rendering engine online
- 3D is now default mode in generator
- Download button of generator now provide high-definition rendered image (1080p) in JPEG format. Results are no more stored in cache.
- First image of the plate, blocked and unknown page are now rendered in 3D
- Generated plates of the Types and New release pages are now in 3D.
- Pictures published on Facebook are now generated in 3D.
29/04/2015   Improvements - Pictures file size displayed on welcome, picture and blocked pages is enlarged from 320x320 to 340x340 to better fit large displays.
- Plates file size displayed on results page is enlarged from 339x250 to 340x250 to align to already cached images.
27/04/2015   Improvements - New links to specific pictures and plates types on Types page.
- Plates are now displayed without frames on Types and New release pages.
27/04/2015   Improvement - Old timer sticker better reflect visual perception.
27/04/2015   Improvement - Resolution of images displayed on "plate" pages ( and "picture" pages ( almost doubled.
22/04/2015   Improvements - Template is now simpler and better readable.

- Blue color of "B" strip and yellow color of stars better reflect reality.
21/04/2015   Improvement - DIV stamp is now applied separately for being always grey and not colored like characters set.
20/04/2015   Improvements - Lenght of each characters are now the same in order to align dash (-) and characters.
- Position of CV and Army seal is now a little bit upper to better reflect reality.
- DIV stamp is now embossed and a little bit darker to better reflect visual perception.
14/04/2015   New feature - A new section displaying all events is now available from
04/04/2015   Improvements - The type of the plate is now displayed with a link to the others plates of the same type.
- The brand and model is now displayed with differents links to the others pictures of the same brand or model.
- The brand and model is now based on the latest provided picture.
01/04/2015   Improvement - Positions of the old timer sticker is now placed according OTM on the first position of the second line if the combination has less than 8 characters or below the CV seal if the combination has 8 characters. This is applicable only on Customized or Emanel plates types in Small format (21 cm).
01/04/2015   Improvement - External colored frames (red, green, black, blue, white, ...) are now using the same background template with a live colorized layer that can generate technically any color without additional development.
27/03/2015   Improvement - CV seal is now rendered as it looks and not based on vectorial theorical image.
26/03/2015   New feature - A new page detailing each plate type with exhaustive samples list is now published on
25/03/2015   Improvements Plate render engine is now better:
- Bolder CV seal
- Bolder characters set
- Small corrections made to the frame of the template
- Better alignement of the CV seal adapted for each combination length
- The whole cache (100 000+ pictures) has been rebuild to reflect these changes.
- Plate Generator ( also benefits from this.
18/03/2015   Improvements Plate render engine is now better:
- Better re-vectorized army seal
- New exception to square (34cm) plate format without dash ("-") between numbers and letter on the second line.
01/03/2015 1.0.0 New feature - A new page detailing changes made on this site (this page) is now published on
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