According that :

  • - Belgian plates are anonymous (no one except the Police can know who own them).
  • - Belgian plates are public (anyone can see it on the street as they have to be held on each car)
  • - Belgian plates remain the ownership of the Government (SPF Mobility & Tranport)
  • - The driver of a car can be a different person from the registered holder of the plate.
  • - Holders of personalized Belgian plates have paid an important amount. It is definitly to be seen.

Therefore, we accept to remove pictures according the Privacy Law of those who wish to do so, but we need to be sure that you are the real registered holder.
Please contact us including:

  • - the exact link of the pictures to be removed
  • - a copy of the official registration document (personal information except name, plate combination, date of delivery and date of validity can be hidden) prooving that the vehicle is registered at your name (examples in FR and NL)
  • - a recto-verso copy of your identity card in order to match your name with the one on the registration vehicle (personal information except name, nationality, national register number, date of delivery and date of validity can be hidden)

These documents are requested in respect with Art. 10 §1 of the Privacy Law (FR, NL or EN) and will be deleted immediately after processing.
You'll receive an answer under 30 days according Art. 12 §3.
Please note that only physical persons can request for removal. Vehicles registered at the name of a company can't pretend being protected by Privacy Law according Art. 1 §1.
This procedure is build according to the Privacy Commission.

Thank you.

Licence Plate Belgium