Plates Range

Category Format From To Description
Royal Palace
Pictures Plates
All   King and Queen of Belgium
All  King Albert II on a Mercedes S 500
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All   Official cars
All   Royal Family
All  Chief of the Military House of the King (Black Skoda)
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Federal Government
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All  President of the House of Representatives
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All  Prime Minister
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All   State Ministers
All   Some high-ranking magistrates
All  Governors of Province
Small   Small and square formats
Regions and Communities
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All   Presidents, members or services of regional and community executives
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All  President of Senate
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All   Members of Senate (Even numbers only)
All   House of Representatives (Odd numbers only)
All   House of Representatives
All   Presidents and members of Regional Parliements
All  Belgian Members of the European Parliement
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Corps Diplomatic
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All   Corps Diplomatic used by Royal family
All   Corps Diplomatic
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All  Military plate of the King
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