Who we are?
Licence Plate Belgium is the leading site in license plate in Belgium with the largest database of picture and plates, in addition of the most powerfull search engine and features.

Why becoming a partner?
With 100 000+ visitors per month, 10 000+ facebook fans, and a lot of press visibility, we have a strong reputation and visibility. We don't want to keep all the honnor for us: it is thanks to people like you that submit pictures that we are the number one. We want to show the names of the ones who stay in the shadow and have helped us to build this massive collection and continue everyday to improve the collection itself and the features of the website.

What we offer?
We can offer to partners:
- A direct link to their web site side each picture send by them.
- A dedicated section branded with your name and logo to browse all plates and pictures send by you only.
- A direct link based on the domain name of your choice to all the pictures sent by you.
- All plates generated using our cutting edge home made plates generator.
- An exclusive access to Licence Plate Belgium Lab to stay in touch about all new features in preview and being able to give advice or vote of your favorite next feature.
- A set of powerful tools to make really easy to send us pictures massively.
- All of this for free !

Who can become a partner?
Any club, group, fans, ... can become a partner. Whe only ask to submit at least 50 pictures including at least 50% of combination we don't have yet.

And what about my freedom?
You continue to operate freely and independently your facebook page or web site. You will just see your followers increasing thanks to the links and logo or your brand side each picture you send us and all our visitors.

We have the same passion: licenses plates! Why don't playing together?

Please contact us by proving your contact details and a link of your website or facebook page. We will contact you shortly :)